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Blask is a people company dedicated to providing talent solutions to the creative and tech industries. With a deep-rooted passion for design, leadership, and industrial psychology, our collective brings a unique perspective to talent acquisition. We understand that finding the right talent is crucial for organizational success, and we take pride in building enduring relationships with our clients as the trusted partner for executive search and leadership assessments.

At Blask, we blend cutting edge search and psychology to successfully match talent with organizations. We specialize in executive search, meticulously identifying and connecting top-tier professionals with teams and leaders that require their expertise. Our strong network, market access, and consideration for the unique and diverse organizational setups in the creative and tech space allow us to succeed, ultimately introducing candidates who possess the suitable blend of skills, experience, and cultural fit.

We know that effective leadership is a prerequisite to sustainable growth and innovation, which is why we also offer comprehensive leadership assessments to help organizations identify and develop their leadership potential.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on building long-term partnerships, Blask stands out as a strategic resource for companies seeking great people.


An intimate exploration of the personal journey, with curated guests connecting the professional and personal aspects of life, inspirations, and key moments that define growth, decision-making and transformation.

We are very pleased to announce our Unfiltered by Blask event series in collaboration with Soho House. The first of which will host Fady Atallah from Moment Factory, on April 17th at our Montréal office.

These events are exclusively for Soho House members and selected guests. The number of invitees is limited.

Please follow our Linkedin page to find out more about upcoming events.


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